Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When I took the Motorcycle Training Course the class emphasized the importance of the "Pre-Ride Inspection" of your bike that should happen every time you ride. I propose the following ammended Pre-Ride Inspection modified for those of us who have curious boys:

1. Find your key, hopefully it was hidden the night before out of reach

2. Check your backpack to make sure that all the zippers are closed

3. Check the tailpipes and remove any screwdrivers that you may find placed inside

4. Look ontop of the motor for items that may have been placed there (eye level for a 2 year old)

5. Look for sticks placed between the spokes

6. Close all hatches, reattach bungies, find and reattach sidecovers

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lost Coast hike 2010

Las weekend a small band of friends headed out to explore the Lost Coast of Northern California. Four men, one strong boy, 26 miles, 3 days and 2 flasks of Jameson. We spent the first night at the mouth of the Mattole River, then hiked to Spanish Flat stopping at the Punta Gorda Lighthouse for rest then eating lunch at Randall Creek. Our second night we spent at Big Flat along with about 100 other hikers but Adam and Casey managed to find a great hideaway campout. The last day was the most grueling, 8 miles in thick sand. And although it was tough we all made it. Backpacking is always an adventure, add a kid and it becomes way more fun, but the Lost Coast Hike is one that will stick with you forever. I am glad I got to make the trek, and I'm glad I could spend the time with these guys.

Our crew; Jeff, Casey, Adam, Myself and Mad Dog Cody in the front.

On the goat trail there's not much room to slip

This part of the map said "Trail difficult to pass at high tide." I'd say so!

Jeff crawling over the boulders and sacraficing the unnecessary toes
slime cave

Our Second campsite at...Spanish Creek???
I have never spent a night camping with more wind than that night. You had to sleep on your side to keep the collapsing tent sides from covering your face.

Keep your head down, one step at a time.
Symmetry between man and nature.

Backpacker Magazine cover photo

Lost Coast Hike 2010 Part 2

Tidepools are always fun

"I don't know why I am so tired." But every time we stop, he's off exploring.

Creek crossings

What you can't see behind Adam is Cody. Casey had said "Go stand over there so I can take a picture" and Cody fell to his knees and smiled for the camera.

The house at Big Flat. The fire had burned right down to the back door of the house.

The waves at big Flat were....flat

Dad of the Year goes to Casey for never letting the kid sink!

Tuckered out!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Photos From My Phone

Here's a brief history of my world, documented with the low quality camera on my phone

Adam's latest creation

Leif's Monster

The latest stage in the Yamaha ressurection